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Use the ladder safety the note

Source: shenshi    (metal release date: 2013-8-1

1. The body tired, take drugs, drink alcohol or have physical disabilities, banning the use of a ladder.

2. The ladder should be placed on solid smooth ground, ban on no skid and fixed equipment on ice, snow and slippery surface

3. The ban when working for more than the maximum bearing quality

4. Use the ladder in the strong wind is prohibited

5. Metal ladders conduct electricity, avoid close to the charged site

6. Climb the people face the ladder, hands to hold, keep in the middle of the two ladder column body center of gravity

7. Don't stand when working from a ladder at the top of the ladder rank within the scope of 1 meter, always keep 1 meter height safety protection, not to climb the top of the highest point

8. Homework hand don't more than the head, so as to avoid the body out of balance, produce risk

9. Banned from one side of the ladder directly across to the other side

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